Shonna Brown

Registered Kinesiologist | Clinical Exercise Physiologist | Yoga Acharya | Elite Fitness Trainer | Pilates Teacher | Nutrition Consultant | International Presenter


headshotShonna Annapurna Brown, R.Kin, CEP, M.Y.
Health & Wellness Expert
Registered Kinesiologist | Clinical Exercise Physiologist
Yoga Acharya | Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultant
Elite Fitness Trainer | Pilates Teacher
Anandafest Co-founder | lululemon Alumni Ambassador

International Presenter/ Speaker
Musician & Kirtan Artist

Shonna Annapurna Brown holds a Specialized Honors Degree in Kinesiology & Health Sciences and a Certificate in Advanced Fitness Assessment & Exercise Counselling from York University. She is a Registered Kinesiologist, Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Sivananda Yoga Acharya Master of Yoga, Kripalu Teacher of Yoga, Elite Fitness Trainer, Pilates Teacher, Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultant, and an International Presenter/ Speaker.

With over 20 years of experience and dedication in the health and wellness industry, Shonna offers an integrative and holistic approach to helping others achieve their goals. Her fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle methodologies are backed by science and produce results. She works with a wide range of clientele from pro athletes and general health/fitness enthusiasts, to those dealing with injuries and chronic conditions. Shonna offers one-on-one training, counselling sessions, group classes, and workshops to those seeking optimal health, fitness, and performance.

Shonna is an inspirational motivator and educator who empowers others to reach their goals and achieve lasting results.

 “Real peace comes only to those who control the body and mind with self-discipline.”  
 —Vishnudevananda Saraswati

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One thought on “ABOUT

  1. thank you for today’s beautiful healing and inspiring practice. i had no idea that i would have been served on a silver platter such a beautiful bounty. the presence of you both was super wonderful. i am greatful for the consciousness of u and ur gifts now.


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