Shonna Brown

Registered Kinesiologist | Clinical Exercise Physiologist | Yoga Acharya | Elite Fitness Trainer | Pilates Teacher | Nutrition Consultant | International Presenter



Spreading the love and bringing the divine practice of Bhakti (yoga of devotion) out into the world. The intention is simple: to foster community, healing, unity, empowerment & well-being through the universal language of music. To book a kirtan, performance or live music yoga class at your studio, center, ashram, festival, workshop or event please contact


Kirtan, Mantra Music & Live Music Yoga Class Performances
Experience heart opening, vibration-raising Kirtan, and yoga classes with live music where traditional Sanskrit mantras are subtly weaved into modern acoustic guitar music.  Kirtan (an ancient participatory music experience), part of the path of Bhakti Yoga (the yoga of loving devotion) is an easy way to experience freedom from the daily chatter of the mind, empowerment and well-being while instilling the whole being with bliss absolute.  These ancient mantras contain powerful healing and transformational energies that help reconnect us to the centre of our being, our true self.  When we sing, breathe, and move to the same rhythms in unison, our vibrations begin to synchronize resulting in a powerful experience as we come out of our heads and into our heart.

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